Cerealport Kft.

Address: 9028 Győr,
Tárogató utca 63.



Cerealport Kft. – Forwarder of Agricultural Products

Cerealport Kft. has been present at the market of agricultural forwarder companies since 2013.

The staff consisted of 6 colleagues in the beginning, but has been increasing dynamically ever since. Today 14 experts serve to satisfy the needs of merchants and growers – domestic and international as well. The company which is an expert in bulk forwarding and transportation of agricultural products, could achieve it’s fast growth by continous increase in the number of consigners and the satisfaction of it’s clients as well.

At Cerealport this is the most important

At the forwarder company highly qualified experts work with several years experience to serve the partners at the highest possible level – aiming to solve the emerging tasks the fastest way.

The team of Cerealport Kft. thinks it is fundamental to meet the principals of our quality policy by executing accurately the administrative tasks. The other priority that the managers have set besides the quality requirements is the fast and flexible response: the ability to suit the always varying needs.

Partners at solving transportation tasks

From the beginning the number of partners and relationships of Cerealport has been increasing: today it is working together with numerous domestic and international cereal merchants, agricultural multinational companies and collectives.

Cerealport Kft. – Our duty and aim as a forwarder company is to form and maintain a reliable and secure relationship with our consigners and subcontractors as well, and to be the most efficient supplier at this market segment.

To provide it’s forwarding service continously and smoothly, Cerealport works together with 100-150 subcontractors. Together with it’s partners they can solve the transportation tasks in Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Repulic and Croatia. 90% of the trucks of our subcontrators are equipped with GPS.

The staff of Cerealport not only aims to provide quality service to the consigners, but want to meet the speciel needs of their subcontractors as well. During the years this resulted in a partnership based on mutual respect and commitment: it is well shown in the gesture that the trucks of several subcontractors proudly wear the Cerealport logo.

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