Cerealport Kft.

Address: 9028 Győr,
Tárogató utca 63.

Domestic Forwarding

Our highlighted field of transport in Hungary is the Transdanubian region, but we complete freights all over the country. The daily deliveries’ datas are sent to the consigners on the following day until 10:00 AM.

Our main activities:

  • Road transport from growers or storages to end users
  • Domestic bulk transport
  • Road transport to rail vagons
  • Road transport to ships
  • Countrywide delivery of unloaded goods from ships

Most often transported cargo:

  • Cereals
  • Oil-seeds
  • Coarse mills
  • Pellets
  • Fertilizers
  • Seeds
  • Milling industry goods
  • By-products

Furthermore we undertake consol freights and distribution of bagged or palletted cargo (e.g. seeds, fertilizers).

Our featured service is delivery from/to ports. Loading off/to ships from any Hungarian port of Danube is supervised personally.

Domestic Forwarding

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